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The healthcare industry is always on the move, old conventional reimbursement patterns have evolved to incorporate quality based healthcare. CMS along with many commercial payers collect quality data reported by providers, publicly available through star ratings and physician compare portals. CMS & NCQA are two major monitoring bodies that play vital roles, resulting in either a reward or penalty, based on the quality of service they provide to their patients. These results directly affect the reimbursements that are issued to health care professionals.    Read More

By giving you and your practice more time for patients. Some of our most essential services include

Provider Performance

Medical Billing Audit

If your current medical billing system is not working for your practice, P3HealthCare will…

Medicaid Meaningful Use

Yes, Meaningful Use is still very much alive. If you have started participation with your state’s.

Account Receivable Management

While posting payments from EOB’s/ERA’s; all denials are fixed and proper action is taken…


Gives clinicians the adaptability to pick the measures that are essential to their training for illustrating best execution.

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Keeping up to date with the healthcare industry is essential. Watch this space for the latest news and updates

Deadline to Participate in MIPS 2017

Have you thought of participating in the MIPS (Merit-based Incentive Payment System) program this year, but believed it was too late? Don’t….

Request Your 2016 PQRS Feedback Report

If you haven’t so already, now is the time to request your PQRS feedback report for 2016, and see if you can apply for an informal review performed by P3Care……

MIPS Qualified Registry & Vendors

In order to be included in the MIPS qualified registry, you must self-nominate your organization each year (even if you have previously qualified) and gain approval…..

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Client testimonials

Office Manager

I signed up with P3 HealthCare Solutions for insurance AR; the setup is quite efficient they get all accounts paid in 30 days. I am happy with the service.

Office Manager

Helped me a lot

We were managing all staff in house including a couple of billers, for some time we were experiencing some financial imbalance, I wanted to dig up the issue. We got a recommendation for P3 HealthCare Solutions.

Medical Coder / Billing Professional


I am impressed: you are working on weekends late night.Looking forward to next week to start process rolling.

Gastroenterologist from Philadelphia

My vision is perfect

Again I want to thank you and Steve for being a life saver, part of my vision to help those that need services, heal them, obtaining a network of financial sources, building a network, being reasonable and generous about fee’s beyond compare, and just being good guys. You will never fully realize how much what you have done for my moral. In the three years since I started the online project, I have not done business in the past or currently with any individual or company that are as professional as your company. And, you guys operate from values and moral perspective. To me, that makes you BFF’s and family.

Doctor of Psychology from California

Best ever!

You’re awesome, William! Thank you. Also, attached you will find the signed letter that needs to be sent out to all insurance companies. Thank you again!

Chiropractor from Los Angeles

Best ever!

I am very interested. So I await the package. It should include the doctors I spoke about in the office as well. Please include all agreements as well. As far as I was able to tell we currently meet all expectations, however I want to know all about this. Your boss was very informative.

Administrative Coordinator from New York

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Copyright by P3 Care Healthcare Solution 2018. All rights reserved.

Copyright by P3 Care Healthcare Solution 2018. All rights reserved.

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