4 Thanksgiving Habits That Will Improve Your Lives

November 19, 2018 by admin0

The auspicious Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner. It is a day to celebrate the blessings, family union, and prosperity. The true meaning of Thanksgiving is when everybody sits around the table, eats, laughs and feels special around each other.

The Christian meaning of Thanksgiving amplifies when we come back home from far-flung places of work or study. The day brings joy, love, festivity, and a long weekend for kids and adults together. Thanksgiving facts for kids are that they get to enjoy food and the company of other kids. They run around the house with pets chasing them, embrace the warmth of the family members and experience blissful harmony.

When all of this is true, Thanksgiving also gives us some hidden messages on how to improve our lives in general. P3Care connects with the clinicians to improve their finances, but in this article, we try to uncover those hidden messages to gain more out of work than just the Benjamins.

1. Importance of Well-Being

It is not a hidden fact Thanksgiving brings people together under one roof and under one table. Who doesn’t know about the world-famous Thanksgiving Turkey meal, a must have on every dinner table. While sitting and eating together fills the air with the love, care, and respect for each other, we should not confine the spirit only to this day and try to stretch it over to the next Thanksgiving.

When we give ample time to our friends and family, we must have at least one dinner with our coworkers as well. They are an extended part of the family and give us the pleasure of celebrating our professional lives.

It fuels the passion that the work colleagues are not only committed to work but also to the well-being of each other. By doing this, it will open a new chapter in the lives of patients as well because it is going to generate positive vibes when hospital staff have each other’s back on important occasions.

2. Exchange Gifts and Strengthen Relationships

When we give gifts to each other, it develops a mutual feeling of love and trust. It can go a long way when we practice the same sense of gratitude with the patients and other hospital staff. It is not necessary that you have to give away expensive gifts. A gift can be as small as a keychain!

A present brings objectivity to something that is only emotional. It is an expression of your respect for another person. A smile or a simple gesture of a nod brings courage to the table and gives them the confidence they may be lacking in that very moment. It matters when you take a fellow nurse out on their birthday or anniversary.

The world recently went through a kindness day. It is time to expand our kindness circles one person at a time.

3. Cultivate a Sense of Gratitude

Being grateful for blessings instead of being thankless for the things we don’t have is the need of the hour. Moreover, Thanksgiving is a day to forget about worries, losses, anxieties and focus only on the positive things in our lives.

Gratitude attracts bigger opportunities. When we are thankful, we express satisfaction aloud which gives way to happiness and success to sneak in. Share the same feelings at your workplace. Be grateful for your life as it is going to bring more happy moments.

Healthcare needs you to be responsible and often short of time. Since lives are at stake, you are willing to give maximum time to it. On this day, you need to give yourself a pat on the back for your commitment to work and for caring for the people around you.

4. Don’t Compare Yourself with Your Peers

Thanksgiving is an occasion when everybody feels happy and proud of themselves. We don’t judge each other for having less or more. We just indulge in festivities and learn our way forward. It is best we don’t compare our lives with the lives of others.

Each one of us is as important as the person sitting next to us. We must respect our own unique identity and presence in this world. Everyone is valuable just the way they are.

In addition, just like we don’t take the family for granted, we should not take the coworkers for granted. To think of them as our extension is the way to go. The bond that develops afterward is going to be strong and irrevocable. Therefore, convert this day to something magical for the times to come.

The Lesson

All these tips are for anyone reading this article, but most importantly, it is for the people in the healthcare industry.

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