How to get Texas Medical Board License?

How to get Texas Medical Board License?

Texas ranks 2nd for its largest population in the United States. Its economy is flourishing over time with the healthcare industry playing a dynamic role in this growth. The precursor for this increase in Taxes growth rate is its expansion of existing hospitals and other medical facilities.

As a result, 8 out of the 25 largest employers in Texas belong to hospitals or research facilities. However, if someone is intended to start a medical practice in such a flourishing country, they need a Texas Medical Board license. Moreover, they need to outsource reliable medical billing services for generating more and more revenue. The analysis of underlined problems in getting Texas medical licensure makes it a little complex.

The procedure for getting a Texas Medical Board license is a little different from other areas of the US. A medical person should not only worry about their practice license but also about competent medical billing services. Thereby, understanding the overall procedure and requirements is helpful. This will facilitate successfully registering for Texas medical licensure via the LIST portal.

As soon as you get the license, your next overhead can be medical billing services. As many medical companies are offering healthcare IT and medical billing services. But to choose among them is a tiresome take. Whether you’re a medical student or a fresh graduate, this article can be a roadmap for guiding you toward the right pathway.

Roadmap for Obtaining Texas Medical Board License

There is a certain criterion for getting a medical practice license in Texas. Anyhow, the overall procedure for it is relatively different from the rest of the American states. It has a separate portal to log in for beginning the registration process. Anyone who fulfills the given requirements can inchoate into the process with great ease.

LIST portal for Texas Medical Licensure

The word ‘LIST’ is an acronym for the ‘License Inquiry System of Texas. This is a portal specified for medical practice registrations via making a sign-up account for login in the future. It is mainly the electronic system under the management and control of the Texas Medical Board.

Whenever you make an account on LIST, it provides you with a username and password. You have to keep them safe as you will require them whenever you log in. Registration via the LIST portal for medical practice licenses is a time taking process. You have to wait for your turn for some hours to a few days (usually two days).

Everything you do is done through this online web portal. So, you require access through the LIST portal for a variety of purposes:

  • It acts as a communication medium between physician applicants and the licensing committee.
  • If you have any queries, LIST is an open platform for getting your answers. Usually, the panel handling this portal receives many queries. They cannot respond to all of them at once. That’s why you have to ask your question and wait for your turn. Once the panel gets your query, they will automatically reply to you in a maximum of 3 to 5 days.
  • Meantime, you need a LIST for checking the status of your registration application. Once your application enters the licensing process, the Texas Medical Board updates the status by giving a green signal.
  • The panel may ask you to submit additional documents for different reasons. Thereby, you have to log in to your account at times to avoid any denial or rectification.

Two-Step Process for having Texas Medical Licensure

Unlike other medical licensing systems, the Texas Medical Board finishes the licensing in two steps.

  1. Screening Step / Pre-Licensing Phase
  2. Licensing Phase

Once this process finishes, a medical practice has to catch expert medical billing services providers. Therefore, it’s better to complete the licensing phase without any difficulty.

Here are the details of the activities the Texas Medical Board performs once you make an account.

Screening Phase/ Pre-Licensing Phase

After the sign-up screen, you will get your username and password. But for initiating the registration process you have to fill up a comprehensive form. This form consists of 23 pages that take 3 to 4 horses at least for filling it. The forms have several portions for extracting comprehensive information about an applicant. The details about these portions are given below:

  • Training & Work History

This portion covers the data regarding post-graduate training and professional affiliation.

What to Do?

If the answer is Yes

If the answer is No

Fill out another evaluation form and enter data for each facilityProvide referral resources for verifying the professional background
  • Professional Background and Excellence

Here you mention your professional experience and excellence throughout the practice period. The Texas Department of Public Safety (TX DPS) and FBI Database ensure the authenticity of data. They check the employment/unemployment history within/outside the medical practice. Thus, the form requires information about the following:

  1. Any Criminal Record
  2. Past Disciplinary Issues
  3. Any Medical Malpractice / Negligence

What to Do?

If the answer is Yes

If the answer is No

You will have an explanation form for clearly defining the circumstances with honestyGo ahead toward the next portion


  • Complete Medical History (Mental & Physical Wellness)

Confirm whether you have any addiction, physical disability, or mental/neurological condition.

What to Do?

If the answer is Yes

If the answer is No

Give medical proof and let the medical records find the effect of that impairment on your ability to practice medicineGo ahead toward the next portion
  • Educational Background and History

Provide information and documentation regarding your schooling, degree programs, internships, and certification. Also, if you have appeared in any examination like USMLE, FLEX, etc. Attach their results as well.

  • Specific Branch Certifications

Moreover, you have to provide three specialty board certificates at must. The Texas Medical Board has mandated the Jurisprudence Exam for applicants. This JP exam confirms that the applicant has familiarity with the state’s specific rules and healthcare laws.

  • Attestation and Licensing Registration Payment

It is the last part of the form. After entering all the details and document attachments, the form includes an attestation portion. Here you assure every piece of information entered in the form is correct. You do so by completing the signing process.

Before the final submission of the form, you have to pay the registration fee. Only then can the LIST portal process your application ahead. The current registration fee for Texas medical licensure is $817. This is a huge amount and nobody wants to waste their money. That’s why it is important to stay patient and attentive. Read minute details and enter the accurate data. It is the key to avoiding any application denial or rectification.

Licensing Phase

The LIST portal then notifies you of the initiation of the licensing phase. Anyhow, the pre-licensing phase can extend a little longer if the LIST portal identifies any mistake or asks for additional/missing documents. As soon as you submit the required information/document, the Panel will act on it and move forward.

The LIST portal then passes the registration application to the Texas Physician Licensure department. A licensing analyst then evaluates all details and reviews the application comprehensively. This analyst person can send messages to applicants for additional information or document submission even during the licensing phase.

If you have already found a competent medical billing services provider, they can even help you out and guide you throughout your licensing process.

How Lengthy Can the Texas Medical Licensure Process?

The time frame for the pre-licensing phase is up to you. As soon as you complete the forms and submit them, you can easily enter the licensing process. However, the licensing phase can take months. Ideally, it is done in 41 days.

Find an Efficient Medical Billing Services Provider

Outsourcing a medical billing services provider is up to you. If you think your practice area is expanded and you are generating enough revenue, such billing companies are your go-to option.


That’s all about the Texas medical licensure and medical billing services. Now you have considerable information about the overall process of the Texas Medical Board and medical billing services. So, you are ready to submit a medical practice registration application on the LIST portal. Always remember that getting a medical practice license in Texas demands enough patience. So, stay calm but active throughout the process.

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