How to Report the Quality Category in MIPS 2023 with Ease

How to Report the Quality Category in MIPS 2023 with Ease?

MIPS 2023 is ongoing, and we’re almost in the middle of the performance year. It’s high time for the providers when they have to keep an eye on everything. It’s quite true that MIPS participants revise their reporting strategies at the start of the year. Anyhow, this is not sufficient since the CMS keeps modifying things with time. Also, things usually go a little differently from how we planned them. Further, the MIPS proposed rule for the next year and the final scores from the previous year also support the idea. So, providers revamp their reporting choices with time. It also helps them remember their actual destination without deviating at all.

Heading Towards the Next Stage of MIPS 2023 Reporting

For MIPS 2023, participants are now ready to report data for the quality category in particular. We know that quality category reporting is very important for providers. Both quality and cost categories have equal but relatively higher weightage in MIPS scoring. Do you remember that CMS tends to calculate the scores for the MIPS cost category itself? In other words, participants don’t necessarily have to submit data for this category.

What’s now? We are left with the MIPS quality category. Performing at our best and scoring higher performance scores for quality measures is in our hands. Thus, this blog will ease your work in executing your MIPS quality category reporting plan. We will help you make wise choices using this informative blog.

So, keep rolling down with us and check out what wisdom we brought for you!

MIPS Quality Category Reporting

Conventionally, MIPS contains four performance categories. And for reporting measures for each of them, they score some points as per their performance. MIPS 2023 programs have different weights for the quality category based on practice size.

  • For large practices, it will make up 30% of the total MIPS score.
  • Small practices will have a 40% share of the quality category score.

Here, large practices are those that have 16 or more NPIs. Whereas smaller ones have fewer than 16 clinicians in their practice. Apart from the practice size limits, the quality category weight may vary for other factors as well. These can be any special status, exception application, or reweighting of other categories.

Are There Any Changes for MIPS 2023 Quality Measures Reporting?

No, we have not seen any sort of major update in the quality reporting requirements so far. The final rule for MIPS 2023 contains almost the same details as last year in this regard. However, one major exception is the availability of MVPs as a new reporting option.

All-in-all, the participants have to report six measures from the MIPS quality measures list. Also, they have the choice of reporting the specialty measure set using MIPS Value Pathways. Once they choose the reporting measures, they have to submit relative data for a 12-month duration (January–December). The participants have to report 70% of all eligible encounters.

Expert Tips for Choosing the Best Quality Measures in 2023

It’s a time when clinicians like you will gear up for MIPS reporting in 2023. We know it will be a very daunting task for you. But fret not; we have got you covered with some expert advice. We will guide you in picking the right MIPS quality measures. We will make sure to turn MIPS into a breeze for you. Let’s just dive in!

Measure Relevance: Find Your Fit

Are these measures suitable for MIPS 2023 reporting? This is the question you must ask yourself when choosing quality measures. CMS provides an extensive list of measures for the MIPS program. However, all the measures do not align with your expertise. You have to take a good, hard look and sort out those that better align with your specialty.

Here, considering two aspects might help you in the selection phase: One is your patient population, and the other is the specialty services you offer. For a gynecologist, it seems extremely ridiculous to pick a measure related to nephrology. So, it’s always better to carefully select the most relevant measure for reporting in MIPS 2023.

Prioritize Impact: Go Big or Go Home

Next, you have to consider the impact of these measures on your performance. Think of how they are going to impact patient health outcomes. Everyone chooses a measure to get a higher score in MIPS. However, keeping abreast of new modifications is also recommended, as they often come with the promise of higher scores.

Data, Data, Data: Keep It Real

Consider the ease of data collection while selecting a measure for reporting. For this, you must count on the eligible patient population you have to report on. Also, you must check how frequently you have to do so. Check whether you can comfortably record measures without disturbing your workflow.

Performance Check: Know Yourself

Now is the time to reflect. Investigate your performance statistics from the past. What areas do you excel in? Where may you benefit from a little push? Choose strategies that let you highlight your best qualities. Moreover, demonstrate the advancement you’ve made in areas where you wish to improve.

Keep in mind that the goal is to prove your commitment to growth and your best self.

Stay Informed: Keep an Eye on Every News

Update yourself about MIPS updates. Keep yourself informed on the most recent adjustments and updates to the MIPS requirements and measures. Check the CMS guidelines frequently to make sure you’re aware of any new regulations or legislative changes that might affect your reporting approach.

Think Long-Term: Plan for Success

Don’t only think about the present. Take a look towards the future. Take into account actions that support your long-term objectives for improving quality. Consider the people who can help you consistently improve patient care and generate real, meaningful change.

Final Words

Choosing the appropriate quality measure is your passport to a successful MIPS reporting trip. And guess what? P3 Care has got you covered. We have a wealth of tools at their disposal to assist you. Our experts give MIPS consulting services that help in creating a successful MIPS 2023 strategy. Thus, we offer advice on choosing measures as well as pointers. That’s how we make your data-gathering and reporting processes simpler.

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