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MIPS 2022 Measures for the Certified Nurse Midwife Category

MIPS (Merit-based Incentive Payment System) was launched by the Quality Payment Program (QPP) for the Medicare Part B healthcare providers. It was put in place so they could get compensated based on their value-based MIPS performance.


There are four categories in this category of QPP reporting, which are:

  1. Quality
  2. Improvements Activities
  3. Cost
  4. Promoting Interoperability

Each performance category accounts for a particular percentage of the overall MIPS score, which determines how much payment adjustment a clinician will receive for the following year’s performance.

The rules and regulations relating to each category also change or are updated every year.

So today, we will be discussing the MIPS Quality Measures linked to Certified Nurse Midwife.

MIPS Reporting Measures for Certified Nurse Midwife Specialty

Below, we will be providing brief explanations of the measures that specifically deal with the Certified Nurse Midwife specialty for the MIPS 2022 evaluation.

MIPS 2022 Quality Measures for Certified Nurse Midwife

Currently, this category only consists of a few quality measures, which are described below.

2022 MIPS Measure no. 047

Advance Care Plan

It is a high priority measure for patients of age 65 and above who either,

  • Have an advance care plan,
  • Have named someone else to make the decisions in their medical records, or
  • Have documents in their medical records to prove that a discussion for an advanced care plan took place

But there are cases where the patient either,

  • Do not want a substitute to do the decision-making,
  • Isn’t able to provide a plan, or
  • Name someone else who could provide the care

These cases get handled differently.

2022 MIPS Measure no. 110

Preventive Care and Early Detection: Immunization against Influenza

This category is for six months or older patients who went to a clinic to get an influenza immunization or have shown an old receipt of previously getting immunized. They must have done this from the 1st of October to the 31st of March.

2022 MIPS Measure no. 130

Documentation of Current Medications in the Medical Record of the Patient

It is a high priority measure, and it is for patients of age 18 or more who take multiple medications. Their doctor must attest to all their medication and document it in their medical file, using the means available during their visit.

2022 MIPS Measure no. 226

Preventive Care and Early Detection: Checking for Tobacco Use and Intervention for Ceasing

It is for patients aged 18 or more who:

  • Got tested for smoking once or twice in the past 12 months
  • And if they were regular smokers, they had an intervention to help them stop

2022 MIPS Measure no. 335

Elective Delivery after a gestation period of 39 weeks in Maternity Care (For Overuse)

It is a high-priority measure, and it is for patients who have given birth within the last 12 months regardless of their age. They must have delivered a live singleton with a gestation period of 39 weeks and had an elective birth through either induced labor or cesarean (C-section).

2022 MIPS Measure no. 336

Postpartum Care and Care Management in Maternity Care

It is a high-priority measure, and it is for patients who have given birth within the last 12 months regardless of their age. They were seen for postpartum care either before or after 12 weeks of giving birth, and received the following checks during their appointment;

  • Education and evaluation regarding breastfeeding
  • Checks for postpartum depression
  • Screening for gestational diabetes by checking postpartum glucose
  • Counseling regarding family and contraceptive planning
  • Checks for tobacco use and education on how to stop
  • Behavioral advice for a healthy lifestyle
  • Review of immunizations and updates regarding any recent administrations

2022 MIPS Measure no. 431

Preventive Care and Early Detection: Checking and Counseling for Harmful Alcohol Use

This category deals with 18 or older patients abusing alcohol to a high degree and getting consistent check-ups in the previous 12 months. They are also required to get counseling for a brief period to learn how to deal with things without damaging themselves with harmful substances like alcohol.

2022 MIPS Measure no. 475

Early Detection of HIV (HIV Screening)

This category includes patients who were 15 to 65 years old at the start of the measurement period and had HIV testing done at that time.


Above-mentioned are some MIPS 2022 Quality Measures related to Certified Nurse Midwife. Related healthcare professionals can also consult CMS Qualified Registry to ease their administrative load and score more.

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