PI measures in MIPS 2023; Their Selection and Submission

PI measures in MIPS 2023; Their Selection and Submission

MIPS 2023 has added Promoting interoperability as one of its performance categories. Like all other performance categories, CMS requires its clinicians to pick measures for this category as well. It contributes 25% of the MIPS final score this year which is the same as it was in PY 2022. Moreover, neither CMS has given all significance to one category nor it expects from participants. In other words, each category has its contribution to MIPS reporting. Therefore, participants must perform well to score the best score in MIPS 2023.

Before the further delay, P3Care here highlights the importance of Promoting the Interoperability performance category only. Later on, we will come to know how we can pick our EHR measures. And what is the right submission method for reporting them in MIPS 2023?

Promoting Interoperability (PI) Category of MIPS

Patient demographics and other related healthcare data are crucial for any practice. In the past, we have faced several problems resulting in cybersecurity issues and data breaches. Therefore, the American government has mandated HIPAA compliance for every facility. Healthcare IT has played a significant role here. They have provided EHR technology as a safe method for dealing with healthcare-related data. It manages and shares data instantly with its cloud-based technology.

CMS has a strong determination to eliminate every factor that hinders the delivery of exceptional care. Therefore, it has supported the use of certified EHR technology (CEHRT). Thus, in MIPS 2023, CMS has again considered Promoting Interoperability as a performance category. Similar to other categories, the MIPS framework has added several measures under the PI category. The PI measures are the tools that measure the meaningful use and application of CEHRT in healthcare.

Focal Point of PI Category in MIPS

The category overall covers the following goals of the MIPS reporting framework:

  • Count of interoperability
  • Safe data exchange
  • Promoting patient engagement
  • Practicing care coordination

CMS has intentions of achieving all the above-mentioned goals with its MIPS 2023 reporting. But how? Is there any flexibility for MIPS participants? Well, it’s a clear yes. Every participant has a choice of picking those measures only that best apply to the scope of the practice. This flexibility of measure focusing resultantly helps the participants to better implement the CEHRT in their facilities.

Keep this in mind that CEHRT utility in its efficient and effective means is the best practice for its sustainability. Although CEHRT is a new technological solution, it has gained the trust of a large group of providers. Almost 500,000 healthcare providers have successfully implemented it in their practices. Along with other benefits, CEHRT provides them with four main benefits:

  • Patient data capturing in a well-organized and structured format
  • Healthcare data exchange among different settings
  • Allow the patient to access their healthcare profile
  • Empower the concept of patient engagement with the latest technology

For MIPS 2023, CMS has set a unique but meaningful goal for EHR performance measurement. Thus, QPP has decided to make its way from a holistic approach to the modern measurement of EHR use in any clinical facility.

Selection of EHR measures for PI Category

CMS has an extensive list of additions in the PI category. CMS has the following interests for EHR measures under the PI category.

  • This favorable addition to EHR measures must assure convenient access to healthcare data.
  • Alongside, they promoted better beneficiary health outcomes.
  • Alignment of PI measures with Improvement Activities and Quality performance categories of MIPS is a must.
  • Overall, the EHR measures must unburden the participants from their reporting difficulties.
  • CMS has established the criterion for the advanced use of CEHRT. Thus, MIPS 2023 providers should trust CEHRT with the 2015 Edition Cures Update Criteria.
  • And the measure selected for MIPS 2023 must be distinct from the previous PI measures and activities.
  • Last but not the least, all EHR measures should be feasible and approved by CMS.

Thus, CMS has emphasized performance-based measures submissions rather than attestation-based ones. New measures that might be used to prevent and treat opioid use disorder are also part of the PI measure for MIPS 2023. However, the planned criteria for PI category measures involve the following measures:

  • Consolidate the usage of certified EHR technology (CEHRT) at its advanced stages. Thus, it must obey the 2015 Edition Cures Update Criteria.
  • Encourage the interchange of health information.
  • Providing patients with access to their health information,
  • Reduce clinician/administrative load,
  • Align with MIPS’s improvement activities and quality performance categories,
  • And align with the Promoting Interoperability Program for qualifying hospitals and CAHs.

EHR measures the Submission Process in MIPS 2023

CMS has already outlined the EHR measure selection protocols for MIPS 2023. And P3Care has explained them clearly in the above section. Thus, MIPS participants will be able to submit their selected measures from the beginning of February (Feb 1, 2023). However, the last date for doing so is July 1, 2023.

Use the Promoting Interoperability Request for Measures to submit measures to CMS for consideration. All of this will be accomplished through the use of a submission form, which requests the:

  • Measure description,
  • Numerator, and denominator descriptions,
  • And any relevant measure exclusions
  • CEHRT features applied

Afterward, CMS will study and assess the applicability and viability of the suggested measures.


That’s all for the Promoting Interoperability performance category of MIPS 2023. If you are new in healthcare practice, you might face difficulties in understanding the MIPS policies. P3Care can help you with its MIPS consulting services in this regard. Meanwhile, if you have any queries regarding the information provided in this blog, catch us immediately. Drop your comment below in the comment section.

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