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What’s New in Medical Billing Services for Cardiology?

Cardiology is tough and encompasses new techniques and technologies every now and then. Therefore, its medical billing services require special understanding to adapt to changes in the reporting requirements.

Cardiologists have to work under several conditions and deal with intensive bloodwork and other invasive procedures. The varied conditions reflect on charges as they depend on the rendered service location, i.e., a hospital, a private clinic, or a same-day surgery center.

An important thing to maximize revenue for cardiologists is that outsourced billing services drive abstract physician operational notes. It helps them to compile claims with accuracy and exact information on medical procedures.

The efficiency of medical billing companies for cardiology also extends to the knowledge of CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes, expertise-related codes (cardiology-related), and HIPAA compliance.

Before diving into the updates for cardiology billing and best practices, we must be aware of the fact that cardiology medical billing and coding comprises of twenty-six new CPT codes with eleven topped up codes. In addition, there are four hundred and fifty changes in the ICD-10-CM coding system so far.

Code Changes for Cardiology

Medical billing services can use the following codes for the leadless pacemaker.

Leadless pacemaker 33275 includes imaging guidance, transcatheter removal of a permanent leadless pacemaker, and right ventricular is revised. Should you choose to find end-to-end medical billing outsourcing, a company that updates itself to gain knowledge of new procedures is the right company. It is wise to ask them if they serve any cardiologists currently.

New code 33275 includes imaging guidance (For Instance, fluoroscopy, venous ultrasound, ventriculography, femoral venography), transcatheter removal of a permanent leadless pacemaker, and right ventricular is revised.

Pericardiocentesis (33016, 33017, 33018, and 33019) are the four new codes for pericardiocentesis. The code 33010 is removed from the list.

Changes for Cardiology ICD-10 Codes: Medical Billing Services Near Me Does the Trick

There are some minor changes in the ICD-10-CM codes for cardiology that can affect the performance of medical billing services (if they don’t pay attention). For Instance:

New codes are Introduced for Cerebral Infarction (I63)

  • 89 – For cerebral infarction.
  • 81 – For cerebral infarction due to occlusion or stenosis of the small artery. It also accounts for lacunar infarction.

Cerebrovascular Disease (I67) Has a New Subcategory 

  • 858 – For other types of hereditary cerebrovascular diseases.
  • 850 – For cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy. It also accounts for CADASIL diagnosis.

Hence, search for the phrase ‘medical billing services near me’ to find the best companies near your practice in Google.

Now, let’s move towards the best billing practices that cardiologists or medical billing services may incorporate within their system and see remarkable results in their account ledgers.

Best Medical Billing Practices

Use of Dedicated and Correct Codes

Incorrect documentation and improper claims can risk your reputation and finances. Even, they can make you suffer from audits and increase your expenses. A simple practice is to keep a check on your mistakes and obsolete practices that might restrict the smooth motion of the revenue cycle.

EHR (Electronic Health Records) are used for the purpose to collect patients’ data and maintain accurate records.

Cardiac procedures are complex. Therefore, the inability to provide accurate documentation can result in lacking important codes.

For more on dental billing services, check out this blog post: Medical Billing Services for Dentists by P3Care, Ontario, CA

Use a Combination of Codes to Report Conditions with Precision

ICD-10 codes are modified to include a set of combo codes to state patient’s conditions. Medical billing services should have the knowledge of using codes in their places. For Instance,

  • 0 is only for hypertensive heart disease with heart failure
  • 2 is for hypertensive heart, chronic kidney disease with heart failure, and stage 5 chronic kidney disease, or end-stage renal disease.

Document Diagnostic Procedures Carefully

Billing services should not include diagnostic procedures only because of assumptions. Avoid using false codes and only document procedures that were performed based on the symptom codes.

Do not use codes that are generally associated with the disease and are not conducted specifically. However, claims can have diagnostic codes as per the ICD-10-CM reporting guidelines. 

Check into Different Medical Conditions (Comorbidities)

Reimbursements somewhat depend upon the patient’s health status. For instance, a patient with comorbidities can cost more as compared to a patient with no comorbidities.

Medical billing services should state the actual medical condition of the patient depicting the complexity of the case. When insurance companies get to know the complexities, they can also estimate the actual expense.

Cardiology medical billing is certainly difficult; therefore, many professionals prefer to outsource their billing to segment every data and adjust each code accurately. We also suggest it is the right option, instead of ruining chances of sending clean claims.


Medical billing services, outsourced billing services, medical billing software, medical billing company, mental health billing5 COVID-19 safety tips, emergency physicians

How to Keep It Together as a Medical Practice as America Reopens?

Are you afraid of the virus?

Well, you are not alone. It has taken so many lives across the world that it is something to be scared of. If someone isn’t, they are either too brave or too naïve to understand it.

You know, who else is brave? The Providers – our health care workforce on the frontlines.

To put themselves out there at a time when most of us are staying at home says a lot about their character. When the risk of COVID-19 is very real, doctors are in obvious danger, and we, as Americans, must understand, support, and appreciate their efforts.

Regardless of the consequences, private practices continue to reopen amidst the virus in addition to the protests on roads. An act this courageous calls for rigorous appreciation for the lot.

When private practices follow Trump Administration’s Guidelines for Opening Up America, medical billing services, as their business associates, support them in a spirited way. From accounts receivable management to payment posting, medical billing services such as P3Care look to expedite the process for increased stability. Let’s look at a few ways’ practices can keep it together as America reopens.

Claims Processing through Medical Billing Services 

Medical billing services, outsourced billing services, medical billing software, medical billing company, mental health billing5 COVID-19 safety tips, emergency physicians

Since patients have to see a doctor, the clinics must align their clinical workflows and entrust claims to be processed as soon as patients check-in. As a medical billing service, it’s better to stay on our toes in times of COVID-19; we owe it to physicians and professional health care services in general.

Despite the hardships we have faced, we don’t want the virus to win. In fact, we want to survive this pandemic and come out of it stronger than ever.

For practices, it is mandatory to keep in touch with medical billing services for smooth claim submissions and MIPS consulting services to stay compliant. When they are on standby, the activity of medical billing and coding remains functional for an uninterrupted workflow. Outsourced billing services are often more feasible than an in-house solution for which there is ample proof available.

Claims include the creation of in-person and telehealth visits. A reliable company can get you reimbursed quickly without unnecessary coding mistakes.

Safety Measures for Waiting Rooms 

We wrote about 5 COVID-19 safety tips for patient waiting areas to minimize the risk of contracting the virus. All of this is for the benefit of providers across America because we, as a MIPS qualified registry and a medical billing service, owe it to them.

Not only that, but it is time for empathy to shine; adopt it as a habit rather than something we are forced to do.

One of the measures by which practices can limit the number of COVID-positive patients is to treat them separately. The sick can visit the clinic from morning to mid-afternoon and those who are not so sick can visit in the next half. It is one of the qualities of medical billing services to consider the safety of providers in the new world order as a segment of their empathetic journey.

Stay Connected to Mental Health Billing 

Medical billing services, outsourced billing services, medical billing software, medical billing company, mental health billing5 COVID-19 safety tips, emergency physicians

In such times when people are under a lot of pressure, stress management is key to surviving the pandemic. Physicians and primary care doctors must be in contact with mental health practitioners at all times for quick recommendations, reviews, and opinions.

Some hospitals and practices use medical billing software and automate the process while others hire medical billing services to do the needful. As an outsourcing company, the pros of medical billing service outweigh the cons for sure.

The fact is, P3Care’s medical billing services for emergency physicians deem fit in times such as these when we are at risk regardless of the number of precautionary measures we take.

It is crucial to pay attention to your mental health as well as of those who come to visit. The virus has left us clueless at home with an increase in incidents related to domestic violence.

In the end

P3 Healthcare has kept it together by utilizing coping mechanisms as a team showing empathy for people who struggle at the hands of COVID-19 one way or the other.

We can only deal with this disaster if we stand together as one community. It is time to eliminate differences of color; we are not black or white; we are only Americans.

We will cease to exist if we start discriminating between each other. How long do you think it will take to create a vaccine for COVID-19?