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Medical Coding

With the ever-changing health care sector and strict regulations put in place by governing bodies, medical coding is a challenge more than ever before. Inaccurate submission of codes can result in endless claim denials, underpayments, and a disrupted workflow. Such challenges can leave you with unnecessary claim related burdens, and cause difficult Medical Billing problems.

P3Care is the solution for all of your coding needs; whether it's temporary assistance or outsourcing your entire division. Our coders are specifically trained, ICD-10 compliant, and certified to meet all medical coding standards with complete accuracy and efficiency. We will provide you with a coding service that not only delivers results in a timely matter but also increases cash flow and faster reimbursements. P3Care is committed to providing your organization with a seamless coding service to ensure that your practice has a billing cycle that is running effortlessly and increasing financial performance.

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