Audit – Medical Billing

Billing Audit

If your current medical billing system is not working for your practice, P3HealthCare will evaluate it as a whole, and it is complementary!

How is it done?

We have the ability to cull information and analyze it. We will determine if your system is flawed as far as seeking pre-authorizations or inaccurate coding applications are concerned. We can assess whether there is a delay in submitting claims or errors related to providing insufficient documentation. We base our recommendations-to-fix on the information we receive during our cost-free audit. Forward-paced audits before claims are submitted, as well as retrospective audits may be performed once claims have been processed.

The Results

During the audit some of the core Medical billing functions are analyzed, including:

Billing documentation
Medical Coding
Under coding and / or overcoming practices
Displaced CPT / ICD 10 codes
Inaccuracies in patient demographics

A detailed report is prepared, targeting and identifying the weakest areas of your revenue cycle – providing you with valuable knowledge to help fix it.

Medical Billing Software – Good to know

P3HealthCare medical billing experts are adept at using all state-of-the-art billing software applications. If you already have a system in place, our trained professionals will utilize it. Otherwise, we gladly implement our own healthcare billing software. There is no additional charge for providing your practice with this system. Our clients trust us to use the most current and productive means of collecting their accounts receivables.