Introduction to Medical Billing Services by P3 HealthCare Solutions

P3 Healthcare Solutions offers comprehensive medical billing services to providers with different specialties. We have built our reputation by firmly adhering to service excellence, integrity, and professionalism while strictly complying with the applicable healthcare regulations.

A Highly Qualified and Experienced Team

We only hire the best in the healthcare industry to fulfill the requirements of providers of all sizes. Therefore, when you employ P3 Healthcare Solutions, you don’t need to worry about errors, submission problems, or other such issues.

P3 Healthcare Solutions helps save time and money

P3 Healthcare Solutions knows by experience that healthcare professionals often worry about things that they should not think. Therefore, by letting P3 Healthcare Solutions take care of patient matters like patient statements, and claims, you can entirely focus on delivering quality care. Hundreds of healthcare providers rely on P3 Healthcare Solutions’ expert medical billing services.


Benefits of Medical Billing Services by P3 HealthCare Solutions

Here is how medical billing services by P3 Healthcare Solutions will assist you as a provider.

Better Cash Flows

Cash flows act as the lifeblood of any organization including healthcare service providers. Our professional Revenue Cycle Management Company has experienced professionals who can expertly handle different types of medical claims on the first submission. It ensures faster submissions and reduced number of denials.

Fast Submission of Medical Claims

P3 Healthcare Solutions provides technologically advanced solutions which ensure easy filing of all the details and speedier submission of medical claims.

Answers to All Medical Billing Questions

Our team of expert medical coding consultants answers all questions relating to medical billing services.

Advanced Eligibility and Benefits

P3 Healthcare Solutions gives status updates to providers regarding patients with expired insurance coverage to overcome any potential delays.

Relevant Insurance Coverage Update to Providers

P3 Healthcare Solutions reports if the team finds any insurance coverage not matching that of the claim by the patient. For example, when the patient is claiming a health problem different than the one mentioned in the insurance policy.

Timely Denial Management

The team at P3 Healthcare Solutions timely reports if it finds any problems relating to submission including errors and omissions. This transparent approach keeps the providers’ updated about the status of the claims and any potential reasons for the delay.

Advanced Reporting

Detailed analysis reports are submitted to the providers as per their customized requirements to help them make smart business decisions. We also provide the breakup as per the needs of the clinicians and providers of different specialties.

Reduced Operational Costs

Once you outsource to our experienced medical billing consultants , you can cut down on the costs drastically.

For questions out of this service, or on instructions on how to get started call a medical billing service expert today at 1-844-557-3227 (1-844-55-P3CARE) or email at

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Copyright by P3 Care Healthcare Solution 2018. All rights reserved.

Copyright by P3 Care Healthcare Solution 2018. All rights reserved.

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