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The Deadline for MIPS 2020 Performance Year Targeted Review Extended

The impact of covid-19 is still not over. We are feeling its after-effects, to say the least. And MIPS reporting services are no exception in this regard.

Due to the lag in 2020, CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) extended the deadline for its targeted review.

The deadline extends to November 29, 2021, until 8 p.m. ET. Now, clinicians, groups, virtual groups, and Alternative Payment Model (APM) entities can request reweighting any category. However, it all happens under the Extreme and Uncontrollable Circumstances (EUC) policy.

Why Is EUC Deadline Extension for MIPS 2020 Reporting Serious?

Well! Now, all MIPS 2020 eligible clinicians have the authority to review their final MIPS score, individually or as a group. Moreover, they can also go through their MIPS payment adjustments

It is also important to review every single detail in order to avoid penalties of any sort. Because it is observed that some clinicians have also received a penalty for reporting Medicare Part B claims in 2020.

What This Program Is All About?

Under the EUC policy, CMS is also granted to reweight any category to 0% in case of the no MIPS 2020 data submission. However, this condition applies only to MIPS-eligible clinicians that qualify for group, virtual group, or APM entity participation.

Having said that, if any medical practice compiles Medicare Part B claims for 2020 as an individual and group! It could lead to negative payment adjustments for clinicians who were not eligible to report as individuals but the group.

So, Review Your MIPS 2020 Data Scrupulously!

MIPS 2020 eligible clinicians must take this opportunity to review all their data as an individual and group to keep a check on the impact on the non-eligible clinicians of their facility.

What you or your MIPS reporting services can do on your behalf is to see if your group data meets the performance threshold. If yes, it is fine. Otherwise, ask for a review for a score below then 45 MIPS points.

So, hurry up! Time is running out.

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