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MIPS 2021 Reporting Period Opens Now!

The QPP MIPS 2021 reporting period has started, and the deadline extends to March 31, 2022. Although, CMS has offered flexibility in many aspects! However, without accurate and reliable reporting, eligible clinicians can lose many revenue-generating opportunities.

For instance:

  • Up to 5% of MIPS incentives
  • Qualification for $500 million bonus pool
  • Reputation in the Physicians’ Portal

Tough Time for Physicians Have Started

MIPS eligible clinicians have now two months to report their data. They or their MIPS Qualified Registries have the time to review data and make the necessary adjustments. There are four basic MIPS performance categories.

  1. Cost
  2. Quality
  3. Improvement Activities (IA)
  4. Promoting Interoperability (PI)

The interested participants only have to submit data for three categories. CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) automatically measures performance in the Cost category by looking into the claims.

How Does P3care Help Physicians?

MIPS consulting partner like us can make your reporting process easy and reliable. With dedicated resources in hand, each medical practice can report data that adds to its revenue cycle management.

Be Free from the Administrative Load

Of course, the administrative load has been one of the major issues in the healthcare industry. No one can deny the fact that if physicians stay caught up amidst the documentation, they cannot stay focused on their primary tasks.

So, if clinicians want to win the MIPS reporting 2021 game, they should take help from a professional. To aid the processor for a high MIPS 2021 score, clinicians also have to meet certain requirements.

Why Is Timely Data Submission Necessary?

To target MIPS incentives, CMS has a set deadline. And to observe the strict deadline is particularly important simply because the authority has to consider performance from hundreds and thousands of physicians across America. With an extension in the deadline, CMS would never really compare performances and grant points in MIPS 2021 reporting.

Thus, to ensure success, physicians must know that this is the time to get started! If you need help in this regard, team p3care is here

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