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QPP MIPS 2020 Feedback Is Available for Review

You heard it right. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has officially released the feedback for the MIPS Reporting 2021 period. Now clinicians have the chance to review their final score and the MIPS payment adjustments, which they still receive in 2022.

Why This Review Matters?

This review is an opportunity where you are more than welcome to look into details and check if there is any issue or error in the processing of your submitted data.

MIPS data reflects your performance for the whole year, and clinicians pay attention to this process throughout. They spend time understanding the reporting requirements that MIPS CMS mentions. However, it is a hectic process and requires careful diligence. A MIPS Qualified Registry becomes important in this regard.

Why it’s High Time to Consult a Reporting Registry?

MIPS consultants will give you the ease to cater to the administrative load without any stress. CMS has tough requirements and tougher reporting details that cannot be missed. The resources seem to provide the professional documentation that ultimately adds up to your score.

Now, when there are a few months left for MIPS 2021 reporting, MIPS Qualified Registries are also gearing up to manage their clients. Physicians! They are the most suitable or convenient option among the data submission methods because they offer reliability and transparency in all matters.

Another plus point that such associations can offer is the accuracy of measure selection that safeguards the interests of clinicians.

So, it is better to review 2020 feedback and look for all the errors that somehow reflected on your score wrongfully.

You Can Call For a Review until October 01, 2021

Now, when you can go through the MIPS data and review your performance and payment adjustments, you can know about the payment adjustments that you will be receiving in 2022.

And, if there happen to be any errors, clinicians can apply for targeted review to CMS for reassessment and readjustment. However, you have a deadline until October 01, 2021, 8:00 PM (ET).

The good news is if you were already in touch with the MIPS consultants, you would have no problem in recognizing areas where CMS misinterpreted your data. You would already access how much MIPS score and what percentage of incentives you should get.

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