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CMS Updated the QPP MIPS APM Participation Status

CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) has recently updated the QP status. Alongside, they have also updated the MIPS APM participation status. They have also released the second snapshot of APM data.

Eligible clinicians can explore their information via QPP Participation Tool. However, it is to remember that the data is based on the second snapshot data. You can also take help from a MIPS Qualified Registry.

A Little History about the Participation Eligibility Status

CMS, under the QPP (Quality Payment Program), determines eligibility data over multiple occasions during the performance year. They take these steps to help MIPS eligible clinicians with their incentive payment program participation process.

The analysts analyze the past and current Medicare Part B Claims and PECOS data and form results based on that.

Review Periods about the 2021 Determination Period and Snapshots

  • The performance period begins from January 01, 2021
  • The first snapshot comes by July 2021
  • The second snapshot comes by October 2021
  • The third snapshot comes by December 2021
  • Here the performance period ends on December 31, 2021
  • The fourth snapshot (MIPS APMs) comes by March 2022

How CMS Reviews (Snapshots) Eligibility Status?

CMS reviews data four times for all MIPS 2021 eligible clinicians, and the eligibility is determined by the third snapshot.

MIPS APM LVT Determination

Some modifications have been observed through this period.

In 2021, there were no low-volume threshold determinations at the APM Entry Level. To be exact MIPS 2021 reporting eligibility is the same as for the APM reporting.

In simple terms:

  • Solo MIPS eligible clinicians who participate in MIPS APMs can take part as APP individually.
  • Groups and APM Entities can also participate as MIPS eligible clinicians through APP.

However, if a group earns a final score through the APP, it will apply only to those MIPS eligible clinicians who appear on a MIPS APM’s Participation List. These can also apply to the clinician of Affiliated Practitioner List.

The APM snapshot data was made available on October 20, 2021. Thus, interested entities or MIPS Qualified Registries can see data on their behalf.

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