The Women of Substance in Health IT Sector 2019

Women have always participated in the progression of several fields in one way or another. But, 2019 is especially the year of Women Empowerment.

As 2019 is about to end, we thought why not acknowledge some of the winning women that have achieved milestones in the healthcare IT sector.

It is to be noted that these women have been doing extremely well in the past years, and are shining now more than ever.


  1. Robyn Baek (Vice President of Analytics at SOC Telemed (Reston, Va.))

This woman has introduced the culture of the data-driven system in her organization. She manages all major decisions of the company with timely data support. This step ultimately boosted up their finance sector and operational performance.

Making easy access to data for everyone and displaying instant results to relevant stakeholders via an LED is a remarkable idea, tossed by Robyn. She also implemented dashboards to help hospitals compare their performance with the competitors. Her efforts also increased the telepsychiatry business for her company.

  1. Paola Arbour (Executive Vice President and CIO of Tenet Healthcare (Dallas))

From digital technology, data automation, and customer experience, Ms. Paola Arbour has taken its company to the next level, enabling strategic direction in health IT.

She also built up a vendor revitalization program in association with Microsoft and Cerner, while introducing a self- funded talented individuals, willing to work in this sector. Apart from the professional responsibilities, Paola also is a public speaker and shares revolutionary ideas on public tech forums on behalf of women.

  1. Debbie Cancilla (Vice President and CIO of Atlantic Health System (Morristown, N.J.))

Ms. Debbie Cancilla has been working as a CIO for twenty-five years now. You can imagine that she started her career back in time when women working in a professional or sensitive field was considered a taboo.

Right now, she is responsible for catering to EHR installation and related technological fronts for her company.

  1. Pamela Arora (Senior Vice President of Information Services and CIO of Children’s Health (Dallas))

Having 30 years of IT experience in hands, she has been doing work in health information management, biomedical technology, and support. Her name also comes forward in the HIMSS Stage 7 EMR Adoption designation project. This project has also been awarded the HIMSS Enterprise Davies Award for the progressive use of EHRs.

She has also been a part of Dallas-based Perot Systems as a CEO and served as a senior vice president and CIO of Worcester, Mass-based UMass Memorial Health Care.

The above-mentioned women are just a few ladies from a constantly increasingly list. Without a doubt, there are lots of ladies to watch out, and P3 Healthcare Solutions recognizes all of their efforts.