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Pathology & Clinical Labs

Billing, Collection, and Revenue Cycle Management Services for Pathology and Clinical Labs

The P3Care health care strategy is to increase cash flow, patient revenue, billing, and coding efficiency. We are 100% HIPPA compliant; ensuring compliance with billing, collection, and revenue cycle management services for pathology practices and clinical laboratories.

Key Features of Revenue Cycle Services for Pathology Practices and Clinical Laboratories:

  • Pathology and Laboratory Medical Billing and Accounts Receivable Management
  • Coding and Compliance
  • Underpayments, Denials, and Appeals Management
  • Contract Management
  • Self-pay Collections and Insurance follow-up
  • Reporting and Analytics

Helping Pathology and Clinical Labs Improve Operations and Transition to Value-Based Care

P3Care seasoned billers have in depth experience on softwares including but not limited to McKesson, XIFIN & Elab, all world class health care service providers in Electronic Health Records and Practice management. This expertise will ensure your clinic will have the best in class software integrated to help improve operations, establish a centralized database, and have access to critical care information to make informed decisions more quickly and effectively.

Whether you want to grow your practice, improve operations or evaluate opportunities, P3Care will work with you to develop effective strategies. P3 provides the support needed to build a value based Health Care Facility.

Our reporting analysis team will provide you with essential and detailed information regarding your medical billing and accounts receivable data. Such data will not only improve your practice by optimizing operations but also ensure maximum financial outcomes are achieved for the clinic. In addition, we offer a range of services that encompass critical practice functions such as strategic planning, growth management, medical practice management, operations, clinical care coordination, physician onboarding and integration, provider network management, and more.

P3Care Consulting can help practices evaluate and negotiate managed care agreements, provide advice on financial aspects of payer agreements, and helps practices evaluate the periodic organization and expansion opportunities.

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