Privacy Policy

  • Our privacy statement declares and stands by the provisions of absolute security and safety of your personal information and protected health information (PHI). Anything you share with us goes through a chain of patent Internet security protocols. Whatever you submit here is proof of your trust and commitment to us. There is no act more shameful and dishonorable to us than breaching your trust.
  • To carry on the process of medical billing, we use PHI and physicians’ personal information as the basic requirement for transactions. We use them to proceed with claim creations and submissions with the respective payers. You must know and be contented, as this information becomes part of our virtual vault.

Why to Put the Trust in Us?

  • By taking control of your revenue cycle, it not only gives us the opportunity to serve you but also a chance to display our uninhibited devotion and dedication towards you. We are under legal obligation to stay true to our word regardless of any difficult circumstances. This policy page purposefully dictates our sense of integrity and ownership related to patient data and other important documents that you entrust us with.
  • The technology used whenever you make a transaction through ‘P3 Healthcare Solutions’ is equipped with the latest security encryption methods. The current version of SSL or Secure Socket Layer makes your data theft-proof and no intruder can have access to your information. In addition, we keep your data on a separate server to make it virtually inaccessible and hidden from the public.
  • As the healthcare industry is transforming, we are also looking and exploring new ways to accommodate physicians and clinicians in general. You are the bedrock, the foundation of the healthcare system and without you, the patients, and those affected in any way will have nowhere to go.
  • Since you are a very important member of the community, at ‘’, we intend to offer you our best services. In addition, we do everything in our capacity to make you feel safe, confident, accomplished and away from stress in any way possible. It means that you have our undivided attention whether it is your personal details or ePHI.
  • By subscribing to any of our services, you entrust us with your privacy. Your privacy becomes our privacy and protecting your reputation becomes our primary responsibility.


Except on a few occasions, we are compelled to reveal your data; otherwise, it remains with us under password protection.

What are those few situations? We may be subject to release your personal information, if

  • You are in a life-threatening situation.
  • There is a court order, law regulation, subpoena and authorities need us to cooperate.
  • We have to share your data with vendors or dealers who are directly involved in maintaining this website.

Those suppliers are to keep a strict check on their code of conduct but you cannot hold us accountable for any leakage of critical data on their behalf.

Medical Billing Service Shows HIPAA Compliance

We show HIPAA Compliance and strictly adhere to the policies laid down by CMS. It is vital to preserve a person’s identity and social security information, for instance, from becoming public. We safeguard your data from all the unaffiliated companies that are not directly involved in the business process. The practice and hospital records are sacred and, therefore, no irrelevant or third parties can become accustomed to them. Apart from that, CMS recognizes us as a MIPS Qualified Registry which is an honor and makes us feel a part of US health care.

Keep the Credentials to Yourself

Please ensure at your end that sensitive information like your ID and password does not come in visual contact of any outsider or any entity that may lead to an emotional or financial loss. You must –

  • Remember your credentials for this website so no one can access your account.
  • Personally attend to any activation codes or private numbers that you may receive

By signing up, you are entrusting us with your practice health information but we do not guarantee or take responsibility for third parties misusing that information. All the employees working at ‘P3Care’ strictly comply with this privacy policy as part of their association and contract with the company.

We may bear links to other websites but this privacy policy does not apply to them so if you choose to hire any external services, you must read their own privacy policies and agree accordingly. We do not pledge their integrity or observance to the rules and regulations stated in this privacy document.

What Do We Do?

As a HIT consultant, we carry on with the following functions –

  • Medical billing services
  • Credentialing & Medicare enrollment
  • Help you with Medicaid meaningful use and MIPS data submissions
  • Understanding Certified EHR systems
  • Perform medical billing audits regularly

We are running a successful online business for many years now. Keeping our end of the bargain and meeting deadlines has led to this inherent landmark. Having said that, you can give us a call or contact us by email!

Our relationship and customer care representatives will respond right away. There are no time restrictions for you to contact us because healthcare demands abruptness, promptness, alertness and focus round the clock. If you are up, we are more than willing to reply.

The idea here is to mutually collaborate and play a part that delivers what you need. Online businesses thrive on good reputation and we managed to achieve that in a very short time!

The goal is to build a long-term and quality relationship based on respect and integrity because your investment in any form (time, money etc.) is crucial to us.