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A Healthcare Consulting Firm for the Modern Provider

P3 Healthcare Solutions has achieved significant milestones in a short time. Usually, it takes time for companies to strengthen their footing and be popular among their consumers. But, P3Care only took three years to come this far. We assist healthcare providers’ ace their billing process and accomplish other health IT tasks for them. Good performances speak for themselves. They add to our reputation on account of consistency and discipline.

Other healthcare services providers started small but made out big in only a few years. The P3Care healthcare consulting firm is one of them and stands proud yet humble. Being generous comes with the job. It is almost like an occupational hazard but, again, not everyone makes it a priority.

We are living in a digital age, and since certified EHR technology is very much part of the system, healthcare IT consultants are an integral part of it. P3Care are HIT consultants who have gone the distance for the sake of providers and worked hard to retrieve payments from the insurance companies. The necessary infrastructure of P3Care depends upon providers, patients, and payers. Setting up a correct workflow and financial understanding among the three is one of the core functions of this formidable healthcare consulting firm.

We are going to dive into the activities we do here at P3Care.

P3 Healthcare Consulting Firm Affects the Revenue Cycle in 3 Ways

1. Medical Billing Audit

We have to see this step through to confirm what is missing. If the steps are being followed, then why are there the revenue cycle hiccups. As soon as we find the root of the problem, we try fixing it by eliminating all the obstacles coming in its way.  Sometimes the process needs a push because submitting the claims after 24 hours can easily delay the process.

As a healthcare consulting firm, we give our consultancy, and if it is satisfactory enough for the providers, we gladly welcome them on board to handle their revenue cycle management (RCM) process, as flawlessly as we can.

2. Accounts Receivable Management

It holds primary importance in the medical billing process. As a healthcare services provider, we must retrieve payments against the pending claims and don’t let the ARs pile up. After the eligibility and patient verification, the claim is on its way to preparation. Once it is created and gone through a couple of times to remove any mistakes, it is sent to the clearinghouse. Clearinghouse decides whether the claim is clean or not. If it is clean, it is clear to be reimbursed by the insurance company.

The most critical aspect of AR management is HIPAA compliance. Since HIPAA Security Rule is in full effect, as a healthcare payment services provider, P3 Healthcare Solutions ensures safe passage for PHI. Protected Health Information contains sensitive information, and if there is a breach at the provider or the medical billing service’s end, Department for Health and Human Services (DHHS) imposes harsh penalties. Even if you pay up your fines, the reputation is a one-time affair, and HIPAA violations directly affect a practice’s reputation.

3. Medical Billing & Coding Specialists

We have the right medical billing & coding specialists at work here. Executing error-free claims for first-time acceptance makes us unique and prominent among other medical billing companies. P3Care maintains a strict policy when it comes to PHI handling. All the encryptions and passwords are in place, as it takes charge of the sensitive information from the beginning and observes it on every step until the payments are received. When necessary, PHI disposal happens according to HIPAA regulations.

For the claim to sail through the insurance company, the medical coders keep in touch with the latest CMS guidelines, the recent being the ICD-10 coding version. Even after strict supervision of claims, denials do happen. In case of a denial, the mistakes are dealt with, and claims are resubmitted without wasting any time.

Providers expect us to deliver instantly without any delay. We also want to deliver results for them as quickly as we can. However, the process of reimbursement is itself time intensive. The Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) is proving to be a healthy change, contributing more towards the value-based care. All the performance categories – Quality, Advancing Care Information (ACI), Improvement Activities (IA), and Cost affects the patient outcomes in a positive way.  The year 2018 is the second performance year, and P3Care has become a MIPS Qualified Registry successively in the years 2017 and 2018.

How Does P3Care Influence Providers?

1. QPP Reporting

By selecting a MIPS Qualified Registry method to report MIPS, P3Care is pro in getting you through to a decent MIPS Final Score. A better composite performance score (CPS) is what you are aiming at, and we are counting on. It mutually adds to the reputation of both of us. Moreover, the score in 2018 also depicts the amount of payment you receive in 2020. P3Care strives for maximum scores for you so that you become eligible for bonus payments.

2. Meaningful Use of EHRs

Through meaningful use, the US healthcare industry aims to achieve quality care and reduce healthcare costs. If this happens, and it’s happening as we speak, we will be able to optimize healthcare and calm down the demon of overwhelming healthcare expenses.

The Eligible Professionals (EPs) must contact P3Care 1-844-557-3227 right away for a free consultation. Reporting MIPS in 2018 is mandatory for the EPs because if you don’t, you will face negative payment adjustments in 2020. We report MIPS meaningful use too, but since the EHR incentive programs are now promoting interoperability (PI), we are reporting PI instead of meaningful use. CMS wants to encourage and facilitate health information exchange (HIE) across practices, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

3. Enrollment & Credentialing

We maximize support for providers regarding enrollment & credentialing. Medical credentialing is not an easy process. Verification of healthcare providers takes time and professional health IT consultants like P3Care have the skills to oversee the process.

Taking charge of the situation and submitting the enrollment form directly to the office of CMS is not a wise move. There needs to be an intermediary – A Medicare Fee-For-Service contractor. We can help you do that too.

4. Specialty-Specific Billing

If you are a physician-specialist, don’t hesitate to contact us. We work with specialists along with the general physicians. P3Care is confident and has proven time and again to be a worthy associate. We help you in selecting specialty-specific measures for reporting MIPS and achieving a good score.

Whether it is percentage-based payment or flat-fee billing, we select the billing method suitable to both the parties.

5. Running Eligibility Checks

You may run eligibility checks by us. Enter your NPI numbers and hit enter to check your MIPS eligibility.

As a healthcare consulting firm, P3 Healthcare Solutions uses technology as a helping hand and streamlines workflows and cash flows for medical professionals. It is unnecessary for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers to indulge in in-house billing because it is distracting and certainly more expensive. We share your burden regardless of the challenges it poses.

“Life without challenges is no life at all”, is one of those beliefs we practice as a whole team.